How to be Productive with a Newborn

Having a baby can be kind of overwhelming.How to be Productive with a Newborn You still need to continue your everyday life, like tackling the dishes and laundry.But your newborn refuses to sleep. Or will only sleep in your arms, then wakes up as soon as you put them down. Or maybe that’s just mine… Either way, I have found a few things that work to help me get things done.


Have a Plan
Be prepared with different baby holders ready! This bad boy lives in the family room. It’s awesome! First thing in the morning when I`m making my first cup of coffee, and my daughter is ready to party. She’ll just sit there swinging, mesmerized by the mobile.
For upstairs we have a simple bouncy seat. The bouncy seat is great for a few reasons.
1. It’s very portable, I can move it around when I fold clothes or when I take a shower.
2. It takes up very  little space
3. It’s inexpensive
That being said. The swing definitely keeps her content for much longer periods of time than the bouncy seat.
Wear Your Baby


Baby wearing is like instantly growing two more arms! You get to continue about your household business with your munchkin glued to you. So when I’m running up and downstairs getting things done, she’s with me.  It also makes breastfeeding her SUPER convenient. She’s already in a place that I need her to be, and I can continue doing whatever it is I’m working on at the moment. When investing in a carrier, be aware that you can’t breastfeed in all baby carriers. I use a wrap I made at home (keep your eyes open for a tutorial on my DIY No Sew Baby Wrap).  You can also go with an ERGOBABY carrier. They have a video on their website showing how to breastfeed in the carrier in public. (It’s totally on my wish list!)

Plan Around Nap Time
If you aren’t dead on your feet, in need of a sleep. This could be your most productive time of day!
Have People Over
Invite over friends or family to hold your little one and play with them, so you can be productive. Or just hand them a list, and have them do the chores 😉

Getting Out of the House

We all need to leave the house at some time of other. It’s kind of a necessity. So here’s what you can do, to get on the road.

Feed Them Right Before You Leave
If you need to get out and run some errands, get yourself ready first. Feeding your little one should be the VERY last thing you do. After you feed them, you should have a good 2-3 hours to get your running around done before their next meal.
Plan Around Their Happy Time
Some kids are the happiest right after they wake up and eat. If you are going to be out and about, try to line up those time frames.
Cut yourself some slack.
Look- There are going to be days when your little one decides “nope! not today!” As frustrating as that is, relax. There will be tomorrow. Do your very best to enjoy the time when your baby has your attention. And try not to pull out your hair in frustration.
Do you have any tricks of the trade? Let me know! The whole point here is to share knowledge that might make someone else’s day run a little bit smoother!

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  1. Thank you for your post, Lauren! It caught my attention right away. Having people over is my favorite for getting stuff done! When my baby was little, I’d have them do the chores! Now that my baby is getting bigger, I’ll have another mom and baby come over to play with my little one while I clean up and then I’ll go over to her house and play with the babies while she gets some cleaning done.

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