How to Choose the Right Nursing Cover

Breastfeeding a baby opens up a wholeHow to choose the right nursing cover new world of obstacles to overcome. In the first few weeks after my daughter was born, we went out to eat. So of course, I get my food and cue the crying baby! So I would grab my hungry child and diaper bag and run out to the car to feed her. By the time I was done feeding her, everyone else was done eating and my food would be cold and soggy. It got old real quick! So it didn’t take long for me to decide that I can’t spend my life hiding out in the car whenever she gets got hungry. So I started looking at different nursing covers. I learned that there are a few different types of covers you can go with. Being the noob I was, I was looking purely at appearance and cost. I ended up with two different kinds. The nursing scarf and a simple nursing cover with a neck strap. Here are the pros and cons to each cover. (Full discloser: I totally took the pictures below at like 10 pm which is why my baby was sleeping and not in the picture.)

1. Nursing Scarf

The scarf is awesome because you can useHow to choose the right Nursing Covers it for so many different things! (ie. nursing cover, scarf, shopping cart cover, high chair cover). But I did find it difficult to work with.  It restricted my arm moment in a huge way and I couldn’t see my babies face. Seeing her face is important at this point because I still needed to help her latch, and I need to make sure she is breathing ok and that nose isn’t pushed against me.
-Covers all angles
-Can be adjusted and worn as a scarf
-Can be cross utilized as a cat seat cover, shopping cart cover, and restaurant high chair cover.
-Restricts movements.
-It gets hot in there
-Can’t see my baby (make sure her nose isn’t pushed against me so she’s able to breathe and help her latch)

2. Flat Nursing Cover with Neck StrapHow to choose the right Nursing Covers


This nursing cover is incredibly simple. It doesn’t restrict my range of motion at all and it doesn’t trap body heat. The top part of the cover has a rigid strip to it stays open enough that you can see your little one while still holding her/him with both arms. That being said, I feel like the flat nursing cover is boring. It only serves one purpose and if I have to get up to change her diaper I’m now wearing a cape as opposed to a super cute scarf.

-Does not restrict motion
-Does not trap heat
-You can easily see your little.
-It leaves your back exposed
– It can only really be used as a nursing cover
Each one has its ups and downs. It truly depends on your personal preference. My hope is that my experience helps you make a decision before you spend money on one or the other!
What is your favorite nursing cover?

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