The 10 Things You Need for a New Baby

We’ve all been told “having a baby is expensive.”The 10 Things You Need for a New Baby Ya, it is! But if you’re trying to be money conscious (or just looking to start when building your baby registry), what do you really need?

But before I get started, keep in mind everyone one is different. What I felt was a waste, someone else might swear by. This is a list of things that I personally could get by with for a new baby, without freaking out.

1. Onesies and Sleepers

Depending on the time of year your little one is born, you will either want to stock up on onesies or sleepers. My baby was born in March in Texas. So it’s been on the warmer side. All I’ve needed up ’till now are onesies. I think I only ever put her in a sleeper only once.

2. Receiving Blankets

They’re great for swaddling. They also double as burp cloths! I have a projectile spitter on my hands, so I go through a lot of them!

3. Pack-n-Play

 A Pack-n-Play will work as a bed for a long time. You can even get one with a changing table attachment and additional storage. Which really, is incredibly helpful.

4. Bouncy Seat

A bouncy seat provides you with a place to put your kid when doing miscellaneous tasks. Like folding laundry or taking a shower. It’s super portable so you can move it where ever you need.

5. Diapers

Here’s where you have a decision to make. Disposable or Cloth.  Disposables are cheaper up front but add up big time, in the long run. Cloth diapers are more pricey in the beginning but will end up saving you money. I cheated the system and bought my whole stash of cloth diapers from someone for $150. (There are a ton of benefits to cloth diapering but that’s another story)


again, you can go with cloth or disposable.

7. Bottles/Bottle Brush

I personally don’t use bottles (I exclusively breastfeed). However, I decided to add it to the list for a couple reasons.

     1. Some people choose/end up doing formula instead.

     2. If you pump, you need a way to feed the milk to your baby later.

And in reality, you don’t need a ton of bottles as long as you keep up on the dishes!

8. Baby Bath

As a newborn, you can get away with sponge baths with baby shampoo, but eventually, you’ll want to invest in a real baby bath. It makes life so much easier.

9. & 10. Stroller & CarseatThe 10 Things You Need for a New Baby

I got my car seat/stroller combo

as a set from Amazon and I love it! I can move the car seat from the car and click it into the stroller, and be off! However, if you are super strapped for cash, you could always buy a car seat by itself. But I HIGHLY recommend just getting them together.  Here is my stud muffin of a husband with ours!

We bought this one.

Again. These are the bare minimum that I would be able to get by with. Everyone is different. For example- someone might say “you NEED a diaper Genie!” I personally disagree. I think that if you are looking for the bare bones of baby stuff, a diaper Genie is a glorified trash can.

Let me know what you think! Is there something you couldn’t survive without when having a new baby?

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