How to Choose the Right Nursing Cover

Breastfeeding a baby opens up a wholeHow to choose the right nursing cover new world of obstacles to overcome. In the first few weeks after my daughter was born, we went out to eat. So of course, I get my food and cue the crying baby! So I would grab my hungry child and diaper bag and run out to the car to feed her. By the time I was done feeding her, everyone else was done eating and my food would be cold and soggy. It got old real quick! Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Nursing Cover”

Going out with a Newborn

How I Failed at my first solo baby outing and what you should do instead4 Tip to a Successful Outing with Your Newborn

Let’s face it guys, we can’t hide out at home forever. Eventually, we all have to leave the house and brave the public. And fight off those strange old women feel who like it’s appropriate to touch my baby`s face … So let me tell you about my first daring journey out of the house with my newborn, flying solo.

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How to be Productive with a Newborn

Having a baby can be kind of overwhelming.How to be Productive with a Newborn You still need to continue your everyday life, like tackling the dishes and laundry.But your newborn refuses to sleep. Or will only sleep in your arms, then wakes up as soon as you put them down. Or maybe that’s just mine… Either way, I have found a few things that work to help me get things done. Continue reading “How to be Productive with a Newborn”

Four ways to Start Sleep Training a Newborn

Does the idea of sleeping more than two hours at a time make you want to burst out in tears? Ya, me too. Now, I don’t want you to expect your newborn to be sleeping through the night right away. But laying down the groundwork for sleep training can never come too soon. It’s the things you do now that will set you up for successful sleep training later. Continue reading “Four ways to Start Sleep Training a Newborn”